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Frome men running 6 miles every day for a year but it’s all in a good cause!

TWO men from Frome are attempting to run 10 kilometres every day for a whole year to raise money for charity. 

Neil Taylor and Jim Plunkett-Cole started their challenge on the 1st January and aim to run the six miles (10km) distance every day for the 365 days throughout 2013, with the last run planned for 31st December.

The challenge is called 10kx365 and has the added twist that Jim’s dog Alfie, will also complete the challenge.

The trio are raising funds for four charities in total. They are The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, The Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance, Positive Action on Cancer and Happy Landings Animal Shelter.

The charities were chosen from local ones and suggestions by friends. The animal shelter charity is in response to Alfie the dog’s involvement.

The 10K distance equates to 6.25 miles each day and the team recently celebrated running a third of their challenge, on 1st May. So far, they have clocked up running for 121 consecutive days or a minimum of 1,210 kilometres, equivalent to 756 miles.

It was Jim who first thought up the extreme challenge and was encouraged by friends to do it properly and raise money for charity.

He said, “I’m a keen runner anyway and I just wanted to test myself. Doing it for charity is great as it acts as motivation for me.

“I knew I needed someone to do the challenge with me as I didn’t want to get injured and the challenge end in the first week. Then the charities wouldn’t get much money and I would be embarrassed.

“That’s when I asked Neil. We had already ran three marathons in three days at the end of last year so knew he would be committed and enjoys running, like me. I couldn’t have a better person to do the challenge with me.

“The support we have had has been incredible; some days we have lots of people run with us and the likes and comments we get on Facebook shows how much support we have.

“The funny thing is we have actually been running much further then the 10k some days. Both of us have completed 20 mileplus races some days. I know that sounds mad, but it helps keep it interesting.

“We want people to sponsor us and if they do, they can set the challenge for a particular day. It could be listening to music or in costumes, it helps keep it interesting and as long as I don’t have to listen to Take That whilst I’m doing it, then I’m happy!

“Finding the time to do the run every day can be a challenge for Neil who has set hours in a full-time job to work around, but for me, as I have my own business, it’s a bit easier.

“Having the dog with me helps me too and he really enjoys it.

“I would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has supported and/or sponsored us so far, we find it hugely motivational.”

If you would like to sponsor or track Jim, Neil and Alfie’s progress in this gruelling challenge, you can do so by checking out their facebook page or by going on their website