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Working together to Keep Frome Clean

FROME Town Council, local businesses, community groups, and the town team are all working together to ‘Keep Frome Clean’. 

With district and county councils reducing their street and pavement cleaning – and litter always a cause of consternation among residents – Frome has taken on the campaign to keep it looking attractive.

Peter Macfadyen, chairman of the town council’s external affairs committee said, ‘I call on everyone in the town to show real pride in Frome by joining our ‘Keep Frome Clean’ campaign.

“This year we are having a big push on improving and promoting the town to attract more business and visitors.  However to really make an impact every individual needs to do their part. Visitors to other countries often comment on how clean their towns are; there is no reason why Frome cannot be the same if everyone puts their litter in a bin, collects up their cigarette ends or picks up after their pet.

“I am delighted that so many businesses and voluntary groups have already joined the campaign.  But we need more to come on board.  Let’s work together to make a real difference.”

The next event will be a spring clean of the town centre on 11th and 12th May, led by Friends of the River Frome and MacDonalds.

Karen Clements, town centre manager says, “Other council initiatives such as the river corridor improvements, town centre re-modelling and the Super Markets are all designed to make the town a more pleasant and attractive place for residents and visitors. However the cleanliness of the streets is one of the first things that people notice when they arrive in a town.

“Now that the district and county councils have both reduced their street and pavement cleaning to below an acceptable minimum, it falls on Frome Town Council, local people and businesses to look after ourselves.

“The town council now has two lengthsmen who are out in town in the morning seven days a week clearing litter, accumulated grime, dog mess, weeds, graffiti and generally improving the appearance of the centre.  They are already having an impact. Various businesses clear their frontages and a number of community groups hold regular litter picking events or clear up after other people’s dogs.

“This campaign brings together all of these groups to demonstrate their pride in Frome and their desire to make a difference.”

The key components of the campaign are signing up local businesses and voluntary groups, and encouraging local residents and visitors to act.

Groups and businesses already on board include Friends of the River Frome, HopeFrome, Mount Community Association, Dog Mess Free Frome Facebook Group, Frome Chamber of Commerce, Westway precinct: Shaw Trust, Co-Op, M&Co, Intersport, Millers, Holland & Barratt, Cutting Bar, Ellenbray, Charles Hart, Barclays, Pang Properties, and MacDonalds.