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First Frome Mayor for Young People

FROME has elected its first Mayor for Young People, Cara Honey, and her deputy Alex Shingler. 

Cara, a 15-year-old student at Frome Community College, says she wants to show the best side of young people in Frome.

“I think Frome is a really good place, and the youth need a voice – they’re the next generation, they’ll take over, so it’s important,” said Cara, who has also been chosen as Frome’s Young Citizen of the Year by Frome Selwood Rotary Club.

Elections took place over a series of events at local schools and the youth centre, with those under 25 eligible to vote. The Mayor for Young People and deputy was announced at the Annual Town Council meeting on Wednesday 22nd May. Cara and Alex will set up a Mayor for Young People Facebook page and will welcome young people to post their ideas and issues.

Cara is already involved with other councils and relishes the opportunity to help make sure the views of young people are heard on the town council. Along with her deputy, she will attend local functions and attend town council meetings.

She said, “I’m on the school council and the youth council and I really enjoy the debating. Although school council is a less formal level, it’s still good for learning the skills.”

Cara previously attended Selwood Academy and St John’s First School in the town.