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Frome author brings book to Britain

AFROMEpsychologist has published a book to help people deal with emotions over a seven day plan. 

Jessica Wilker, a Swiss author who moved to Frome in 1999, published the German version of her book the ”ABC of Mindfulness” in 1998. Jessica says that, at the time, the power of mindfulness was not as widely recognized as it is now and only the Buddhist community was aware of it.  The book has since sold many thousands of copies and has established itself as a classic in the German mindfulness literature.

Now, people in Frome can read for themselves what the European readers seem to like – the attractive illustrations and the easy and humorous style in which Jessica presents her seven day programme for mindfully dealing with emotions.

Jessica said, “Finally the people here can read my work. It has taken 15 years for my book to appear in English!

“As a psychologist, I know that all of us can be helpless slaves to our feelings. In my book I try to show how we can get better at recognising and accepting them and I point to the most helpful ways in which we might react. As a practising Buddhist I know how crucially useful mindfulness can be.“

Jessica has published four more self-help books and hopes they too might soon be available in English.

The ABC of Mindfulness. On daily dealings with everyday feelings is available in Frome library. It can also be bought at the Hunting Raven bookshop in Frome or ordered online at