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Frome Tennis 25th Annual LTA ratings Tournament takes on new look

Sponsored by the Royal Bank of Canada this grade 4 tournament was attended by not only members of Frome Club including young 15 year old Fynn McLennan, but competitors from further afield. Regular competitor in this tournament Carlo Covello travelled all the way from Bournmouth to claim the winning semi-finalist position.

This tournament is looked forward to by Frome club supporters and family of those in the tournament itself, so with the sun shining and a cream tea in hand, spectators took to their seats to watch young Henry Ogden from Bristol take on well experienced Colin Selby.

After two very hot sets of tactical play Henry Ogden claimed victory winning 6-1, 6-2.

This tournament is a great opportunity for players to play highly competitive matches to better their ratings within the Lawn Tennis Association rating scale. Frome has revamped the annual tournament to become a grade higher, only running over four days as opposed to a week. The calibre of players sets a great example, especially to up and coming juniors of what they can achieve. Pictured, Colin Selby.

For further information on LTA ratings tournaments across the country please visit the LTA website or for more information on Frome Tennis please contact head coach Jack Shepard on jack



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