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Weather wins against Frome cricketers

ALL three Frome games last weekend got started but fell foul to the weather during the game.

The 1st XI made the trip to table topping Wembdon and were asked to bat first after losing the toss. Sanger and Stonell got off to a flying start amassing 25 in the first 4 overs before both falling in quick succession.

This brought the two in-form batsmen to the crease in Bleakley and Smith who took the score onto 112-2 after 25 overs before the rain brought the game to an end. The first weekend in August sees the 1st XI again on the road as they travel to Wellington.

The 2nd XI played host to Fitzhead at Fromefield looking to get back on track after the previous  week’s defeat.

Frome were asked to bat first and after some good opening bowling from Derham and Phillips Frome were in a tight spot losing openers Larder and Watts cheaply. Dredge also came and went cheaply but Bracher and Copp rebuilt the innings before the rain came at 4.00pm. Bracher made 54 and Copp ended on 30 not out with Frome placed at 136-6 at the time.

The match ball was kindly sponsored by Steve and Linda Watts.

This week sees the 2nd XI again at home as they host Cheddar 2nd XI.

Sunday saw the 3rd XI host Whitchurch, where again as the 2nd XI were looking to get their season back on track after some recent disappointing results, batting First Frome amassed 247-5 with Bleakley amassing another superb century. In reply, Whitchurch were 80-1 when the rain came.


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