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Bees and beekeeping with the Frome Division of the Somerset Beekeepers Association

Did you know that there are about 19,000 species of bees! 

This and other interesting information about bees and beekeeping will be the thrust of an evening talk by members of The Frome Division of the Somerset Beekeepers Association.

They are holding an awareness session to provide information for anyone interested in the subject and for those who might be considering taking up the hobby.  It will be held at the Frome Rugby Club on Wednesday 13th November starting at 7.30pm.

Norman Elmer, a well-known local beekeeper, will be giving a general talk on bees and beekeeping.  Items of beekeeping equipment and hive products will be on display.

The objectives of the Frome Beekeepers Association will be outlined and brief introductions given by various members of the division on subjects they will be presenting as part of a beginner’s course starting in January.

Beginner’s courses are sought after and there will be an opportunity to ‘sign up’ for the one in January at this awareness session.  There will be a small charge of £2 for the evening which will include tea/coffee if required.  The bar will be open before and after the talks.

Pictured: Norman Elmer inspecting his bees