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Mayor calls for better attitude towards young people

The Mayor of Frome, cllr Dickon Moore, is calling for local businesses and people in the town to improve their attitudes towards young people, and pay them more respect.

He says, “Many people still carry the stereotype that all young people are a threat to society. This is simply not the case and needs to change. I’m calling on people in the town, retailers and local services to treat young people with the respect they deserve.”

At a ‘Question Time’ event for young people at the Merlin Theatre earlier this month, several members of the audience asked why many are still scared of young people, particularly when in shops or on the street.

The mayor’s response was to “prove them wrong”. He said, “If you think you are being discriminated against, prove that you do not act in the way that they might think, and break the stereotype by being friendly towards them.

“I’m talking about situations such as shopkeepers automatically suspecting theft and passers-by acting nervously just because someone is young. A smile is one of the best things that you can do to challenge a false opinion.”

The event, attended by around 150 people, explored many issues that young people face, such as town provision for young people, weekend/evening entertainment and issues at school.

Cara Honey, the Mayor for Young People, her deputy Alex Shingler and cllr Damon Hooton were also amongst the panel. Thanks goes to Azzema Caffoor from Young People Frome and to the Merlin Theatre for the event. Further ‘Question Time’ events are planned for the future.

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