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Frome people asked to set the rules for the future

TIMEis running out to have your say on Frome’s neighbourhood plan.

The consultation on the plan was launched  in October and sets out how the community wants the town to develop in the future. The town council wants to hear what you think of the plan before the deadline of the 31st December.

Frome Town Council, which has led the creation of the plan, says it will enable the community of Frome to take greater control of the type and scale of development and land use.

The plan has a particular focus on: • encouraging small businesses • enabling people to build their own homes, and save money in an energy efficient way • encouraging people to play a more active part in the community • making it easier for people to get around the town on foot and by bicycle • regenerating the town centre • using the River Frome corridor as an environmental and recreational asset.

The plan also wants to ensure that any future development does not damage Frome’s unique character.

The plan has been built around the outcomes of the Vision4Frome Community Plan 2008-2028 which, following an extensive public consultation, sets out what the people of Frome have said and what they to see happen in the town, now and in the future.

A public consultation on the neighbourhood plan will run until 31st  December, and the documents can be viewed online at

The current version is a draft and after the consultation closes, refinements will be made to the plan and put to inspectors, before the town is asked to vote to adopt it in a referendum.