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Can-do culture at Frome Community College

GAVIN Ball, headteacher at Frome Community College, says that students have created a real ‘can-do’ culture at their school. 

He says, “I am so proud that our young people are excelling in activities right across the curriculum with special reference to sport, expressive arts and catering.   I [recently] watched our students in the finals of the Rotary Chef competition, kindly supported by apetito, Scallop Shell and Dairy Crest.  Their professionalism and the quality of their cooking was simply breath-taking.  The same day some of our students participated in one of our ‘Gifted and Talented Academy’ workshops involving a professional actor and poet, Leo Aylen.   Leo led a day’s gifted and talented workshop on creative and extended writing, with a particular focus on poetry.  The quality of the poetry produced by our students at the end of this day was stunning and will be collated into a special book.

“I met students who had raised a significant amount of money for the Philippines appeal which had been converted into an emergency aid box, fully equipped with life-saving equipment, ready to be shipped out to the people in need in that country.  These students were keen to do something to help our global friends on the other side of the world.

“Our students are proud of their College, because they are the College.  Their energy, enthusiasm, drive and passion is creating a ‘can-do’ culture here.  Our young people believe in success, believe in shaping their future and believe that they all have something to offer.

“Recently we held a ‘Success Together’ evening.  This is a relatively new concept for the College and is a parent forum whereby we hold evenings for parents around a particular theme.  The theme on this evening was e-safety for our children, with a presentation given by our local PCSO, followed by some information from us about how parents could buy iPads for students. The audience asked if the next Success Together could focus on crime prevention and child safety (especially in dark evenings with children walking home etc).  We will advertise future dates for these forums on our website.

“Student participation in activities this year has been phenomenal.  A few weeks ago over 300 students took part in an after-school cross country, competing for their house!   A couple of weeks before that, the students competed in their ‘houses’ in the College Swimming Gala at the Leisure Centre.   We have some incredible swimmers who were extremely impressive.  What was particularly heart-warming was that so many students turned up to represent their house and gave it their best.  I am very proud of them all for taking part.

“Early in the spring term we have our College production of ‘Grease’ at the Merlin Theatre – which we are very excited about.     Following auditions, rehearsals are now underway and this is a great partnership with our friends at the Merlin Theatre.   I urge you to take a look at the other performances that they have running at the Merlin, it is certainly worth a visit.  The ticket office, which is located next to the lower end of the ECOS stone circle, is open during the day.

“In mentioning ECOS (European Community of Stone), we have ‘resurrected’ the ECOS board of directors.  I would like to promote the cultural aspects connected with the stones (each stone was transported to the College from a quarry in each one of the members of the European Community, as it existed 21 years ago).  Part of the wider strategy is to have more learning and performance activities in this unique amphitheatre.  If you have some energy to give and would like to support this continued rejuvenation of ECOS in any way please contact me at the College, I would be very pleased to hear from you.

“At the College we are promoting participation for all.  Our ‘engineers’ are working on the F1 Challenge with the first and middle schools, a competition that involves racing model cars.   We will be holding the regional finals of this national competition in the summer term.   College students have this week had their fantastic photography work exhibited at Rook Lane Chapel for the Rotary Photographer of the Year.  This exhibition was absolutely stunning.

“Finally, I want to thank you all for your continued support for the College.  Do watch our website to see what is happening.”