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New councillor elected for Frome

FROME Town Council has elected a new councillor in its College Ward division following a recent by-election. 

Adam Boyden, the Liberal Democrat candidate, was elected onto the town council after receiving 345 votes.

Incoming councillor Adam Boyden said, “I am really pleased to have been elected and to get this opportunity to sit on the town council and serve the people. I am already one of the two councillors for the College ward on Mendip District Council, so I am now able to use that experience in my new role on the town council.”

“I am already making progress with the issue of flytipping and recycling, and recently helped successfully steer an important cross-party motion on ‘fracking’ through Mendip District Council. I have tried to help Frome Town and Mendip District Councils work better together to improve Frome. Locally, I am working to improve the Showfield, playgrounds, the leisure centre, local road safety, and to care for our environment.  I try to respond to residents quickly and encourage people to take part in the many positive initiatives now going on in Frome, which I support.

“Over the last two and a half years I have tried to be positive and proactive, and form good working relationships with everyone I can. I would now like to see if I can make a difference at the town council as well as Mendip.

“Finally, I would like to thank my team who have made this possible as it’s not just me, it’s a team effort and the election is reward for the hard work. I’d also like to thank the people who voted, and not only for me but for any of the other candidates. It was a good turnout considering the timing of the by-election being so close to Christmas.”

Cllr Mel Usher, leader of Frome Town Council said, “Congratulations to Adam Boyden in his successful campaign during the by-election in College Ward. Adam is one of the hardest working district councillors I know and it will be great to have his enthusiasm and positive approach on the town council. I am sure one of the things he will try and achieve through his contacts is a better relationship with Mendip.

“Only in Frome would people be fighting so hard to be on the town council when there is only 18 months to go until the next election. All of the candidates,  their helpers and the voters  should be applauded. The campaign shows that in Frome at least,  there is still a healthy interest in local democracy and town affairs. The turnout for the election was 21%, which is really good.”

Adam Boyden beat candidates, Michael Rideout, Conservative  (212 votes), Victoria Alison, Independents for Frome (132 votes) and David Taylor, Labour (94 votes).