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Frome Rotary’s interview experience for college students

MOCK interviews for twelve 17 and 18-year-old sports students at Frome Community College, were organised by  Frome Rotary Club, giving the students a valuable insight into what job interviews will be like.

The interviews were based on a CV and application form submitted by the students and are required as part of their B Tech course. They were undertaken by panels of two interviewers, each consisting of a Rotarian and a member of staff from Frome Leisure Centre.

This is the second year in which Frome Rotary have undertaken these interviews and the students have benefited from the contact with skilled adult interviewers.

Andree Williams, head of sport at the college said, “In the current job market it is important for my students to be well prepared to be interviewed for the jobs they apply for at the end of their course here.  I would like to thank the Rotarians and Leisure Centre staff for giving up their time to provide this valuable experience”

Sarah Cruwys, manager of Frome Leisure Centre said, “It was fantastic to take part in the mock interview process. It enabled me and my colleagues to support students who are interested in a sports career.  They had a very positive attitude and took on board our feedback. I hope they will be able to take some of the skills they have learnt into their first formal interview and we look forward to seeing them apply for any vacancies we may have in the future at Frome Leisure Centre”

In addition to targeted interviews of this type, Frome Rotary Club organises a comprehensive mock interview programme for year 10 students at the college which is now in its fifth year.  The object of the programme is to provide 15-year-old students with interview experience and to encourage them to think about their future.

In March it is planned to interview up to 280 students over two days.  The students will have contact with 60 interviewers from a multitude of professions and both local and national businesses and should benefit from this contact with the world of employment.

The programme is well documented and highly regarded by students, staff and employers.