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David Heath MP visits Drum Commodities in Frome

David Heath MP at Drum Commodities

David Heath MP at Drum Commodities

DRUM Commodities was very honoured to be visited on Friday 20th December for their ‘Africa Week’ by local MP David Heath.  

Drum Commodities is a supply chain and logistics manager for commodities in Africa.  These commodities include shipments of fuel, fertiliser, rice, cocoa, coffee and sugar.

Andrew Barr-Sim, managing director said, “We take control of logistics and the movement of these goods from supplier to buyer. From the moment the ship arrives at its discharge port, our control covers the movement through and out of the port, the trucking to the warehouse or fuel tanks,

“Since 2006 we have built up the company in many parts of Africa and in total have managed over £2 billion worth of goods.  We now have 17 subsidiary companies in countries ranging from Senegal and Nigeria in the West, to Malawi and Kenya in the East, to Mozambique and South Africa in the south.

“We have also recently started in the Middle East with an office in Dubai and a second in the region soon opening in Jordan.

“Our team is now 385 strong, and the headquarters is in Frome with 19 people working in our Somerset branch.

“For the week before Christmas we invited several of our key country managers to the UK.  They came from Senegal, Nigeria, Malawi, the Cameroons and South Africa.  For some it was their first time in the UK.  So the British winter on Catherine Hill in Frome with fish and chips in the Archangel was a long way from home!

“And so it was extremely kind of David Heath to give up his time to learn about our work and to meet the growing and thoroughly international team we have headed up here in Frome.”