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Frome’s ‘Save the Tree’ petition

Julian Hight with protesters determined to save the tree in Frome town centre.

Julian Hight with protesters determined to save the tree in Frome town centre.

A PETITION with 2,680 signatures has been handed over to Mendip District Council in a bid to save one of the last remaining trees in Frome town centre. 

The campaign has taken off with the figure representing around 10% of the population of the town signing to say they want the London plane tree at Kingsway Precinct to be saved.

Frome Town Council has also voted to try and save the tree after they rejected the application to fell it and made recommendations to Mendip District Council to do the same.

Last summer in the Frome Times we reported that the tree was to be felled after fears that it was causing cracks on a nearby building. But the tree was saved and awarded a Tree Preservation Order after a concerted effort by concerned Frome residents last year.

Now, however, the company Pangmore has applied to fell the tree and although it has the preservation order, the tree could still be felled if the application is approved by Mendip District Council.

According to the planning report, “Mr Pang notified the Local Authority of his intention to have the tree felled, on account of his concern that the tree was having an unacceptably adverse impact upon the structure of his property at Iron Gates.”

Frome resident and author of ‘Britain’s Tree Story,’ Julian Hight says, “This is one of the last trees in the town centre and certainly the last tree of note in the Kingsway precinct. It is a specimen town centre tree and plays a major contribution in the character of the conservation area, and its felling would be a major loss to the aesthetic quality of the town. In fact, it is one of the town’s few iconic trees.

“London planes – such as the one in the town centre – thrive in towns and cities, their large, shiny leaves and flaking trunks making them resistant to pollution. They absorb pollution and CO2 – the gas responsible for global warming – which will be released into the atmosphere if the tree is felled. They also take pollarding (pruning) well – so this is a possible and much less drastic option for the Frome tree.

The decision whether to accept or decline the planning application to cut the tree down is scheduled to be made by on Wednesday 2nd April.

There is still time for the public to make further objections by e-mailing: quoting planning Application: 2014/0041 and including their name and address.

You can also object directly to the council website via a link on the website: