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‘Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation’ collection for the Philippines in Frome

PEPPERBOX Nursery has had a tremendous response from families, friends and organisations to help raise funds for the community in devastated areas in the Visayas region in the Philippines.

The nursery started off with a target amount of £90, which was enough to sponsor the construction of one simple two­manned paddle boat (complete with oars, outriggers and a fishing net).

Thanks to the generous donations the collection from the nursery’s nativity play alone was £305, and with other donations at nursery from parents, families and staff of the nursery, enough was raised to pay for a motorised boat which the whole community will be able to use, and which will be particularly effective in transporting children to and from school. This boat to be named ‘The Pepperbox Nursery’ with a heart drawn on next to the name to represent the children, family and staff at the setting.

With more generous donations from other organisations interested in this worthy cause the collection will pay for another three paddle boats to be named as ‘Rossetti House’, ‘Graham Valentine’ (courtesy of Ying’s Thai Takeaway) and ‘South Parade Bingo Club’.

To date the received donations has reached £725 to buy these incredibly useful resources.

The staff at Pepperbox have had discussions with the children about the importance of helping others less fortunate than ourselves, and aided their understanding by showing them a video clip of the challenges that children in the Philippines encounter on a daily basis just to get to school. The children then made their own paper boats that they played with in one of the water trays.