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Time for action over Frome town centre speeding

CONCERNS have been raised by Frome residents about the speed at which traffic goes through the town centre with fears that it is “an accident waiting to happen.”

Worried residents have contacted the Frome Times to express their concern that the current situation is dangerous and that a 20mph speed limit should be introduced in the town centre.

The call for a change to the speed limit in Frome comes after the road safety charity, Brake and Allianz Insurance, launched its ‘Go 20 campaign’ which urges politicians to support 20mph limits becoming the norm around schools, on residential streets and in town centres like Frome.

The campaign claims that areas that have already introduced 20mph limits have seen significant reductions in casualties, such as Portsmouth where they fell by 22% and Camden where crashes reduced by 54%.

Alex Hallett who recently moved to Frome said, I moved to Frome at the end of last year because it is a fun, forward-thinking town, but one of the first things that struck me was how pedestrian-unfriendly a lot of the town is.

“Why is it that traffic dominates the place? Motorists drive at 40 mph past the park gates in Weymouth Road,  visitors are caught by surprise by cars whizzing down the cobbles of Catherine Hill and you take your life in your hands if you try to cross the main road between Stony Street and Cheap Street because of the dearth of pedestrian crossings.

“I’m 44, able-bodied and child-free, but it must be even worse for the elderly, disabled and those with children.

“Let’s make the town centre a 20mph zone, install speed bumps near parks as well as schools and at least double the number of pedestrian crossings along the main road.”

Paul Wynne, Frome Town Council clerk said, “We have a lot of sympathy with Alex’s points. The ‘Vision for Frome Community Plan’ identified this issue as the number one priority and the town council has been working hard over the past couple of years to address these concerns.

“The plans to remodel the Market Place are nearly complete and the first phase, which will be to restore the Boyles Cross and car park area into a wonderful, family-friendly environment, will be completed this year.

“Phase one needs to be complete before we can begin phase two, which is to reduce traffic speed and make the Market Place more pedestrian-friendly. This will involve courtesy road crossings to let pedestrians cross from widened footways, lowered kerbs, the road resurfaced and realigned to make drivers drive slowly. “

• What do you think? Do you think Frome has a problem with speeding traffic? and should the town should follow other areas that have introduced the 20mph limits? Let us know by emailing