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New sculptures at Frome health centre

Anyone visiting the Frome Medical Centre in the next few weeks is in for a special and pleasant surprise. 

Located in the two large open spaces behind the building and in view of the main foyer and waiting areas are two large and stunning wooden pieces of sculpture from local sculptor Anthony Rogers.

Anthony, who has his workshops just outside Frome, will already be familiar to many local residents. His sculpted seat by the river walk at Welshmill Park has now been in situ for a couple of years.

Anthony said, “I really enjoyed creating these two sculptures. Both works were sourced from local wood. The tall upright piece was carved from an oak trunk from Longleat Forest. The other large circular construction was made from seven separate oak beams bolted together. Placed next to such a modern and impressive building as the new Frome Health Centre, I think that the large wood sculptures look absolutely right.”

The erection of the two sculptures is part of the ongoing commitment of the Frome Medical Practice to supporting local art. Community art classes and local schools have recently exhibited at the new health centre.

Dr Tina Merry, the senior partner at Frome Medical Practice said, “We are absolutely delighted to have Anthony’s sculptures here at the Health Centre. His very distinctive, flowing carving style really compliments the building, and they have already been a big hit, not only with our patients but also with everyone who works here.”

Pictured: The two sculptures by Anthony Rogers at the Frome Health Centre