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Frome mayor gives thanks for support

Dickon Moore's term as the mayor of Frome comes  to an end this week

Dickon Moore’s term as the mayor of Frome comes to an end this week

The Mayor of Frome, Dickon Moore, has given thanks to all those who have supported him in his year as Mayor, which comes to an end this week.

Dickon said, “I’ve had so much support, particularly in helping with my fundraising efforts from family, friends and others in the town.”

Dickon has raised a total of £2,528 over the year for his three local charities: Friends of the River Frome, Openstorytellers and FROGS. Fundraising activities have included events such as ‘The Mayor’s Garden Party’, proceeds from selling ‘The Frome Tie’ and sponsorship for cycling from Frome to Chateau-Gontier, Frome’s French twin towns.

Dickon added, “I know it’s cheesy but I want to thank my Mum and family for their support, my lovely Mayoress Maddy, everyone who helped with events or donated to the bike ride and anyone else who supported me in other way.

“I am also grateful that the town accepted a 22-year old Mayor, I suppose it’s quite in line with Frome’s tendency to be unconventional!

“It’s been a fantastic year and I’ve hugely enjoyed it. I’ve met so many great people that I would never normally have met. A clear highlight was Christmas Day when Maddy and I visited the hospital and the Cheese & Grain, it was inspiring to see so many people giving so much to others in the town.

“My year in the role has confirmed my belief that Frome is a thriving, creative and fun place that is full of wonderful people doing wonderful things.”