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267 bus public meeting in Frome

A public meeting will take place in Frome, on 19th June at 6pm in the Assembly Rooms organised by Cllr Derek Tanswell with First bus, to discuss the 267 and other issues around the bus network.

Cllr Sharon Snook said that leading activists Tracy Harding and Denise Bull had played a magnificent part in getting awareness and bringing people together on this issue.  Cllr Derek Tanswell said, “The 267 will not go to Sainsbury’s due to operating capacity and cost at the moment; however this service will be restored at the end of August. This is your chance to attend and get your point of view across.

“The 267 is on trial for six months from the 15th June and will simply be on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis as this service is running at a loss and First bus don’t have the resources to subsidise it. The bus service is a valuable community asset to Frome.”

A suitable venue still has to be found for this meeting and a date arranged.

If you can help support this please contact Cllr Tanswell at
Cllr.tanswell@mendip  please check out and – tel: 07980 970060.