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Rotary Charity ‘Pop-Up’ Shop in Frome

The Rotary Club of Frome are delighted to confirm that the Rotary ‘Pop-Up’ charity shop recently held on the Westway Precinct raised an amazing £4,624.00  for local Frome deserving causes.

This is the Rotary Club’s third charity shop to be held in the past year. The total amount raised over the year was £12,052; the Rotary Club was supported by members of the Frome Inner Wheel who staffed the shop on Mondays, and a proportion of the monies raised are to be given to the Inner Wheel.

Dot Cretney Frome Rotary’s president has been the inspiration and leader behind the success of the project, however president Dot said, “Without the dedicated help from my colleagues in Rotary and the ladies from Inner Wheel it would not have been possible to staff the shop every day over the five weeks.”

Frome Rotary would also like to acknowledge their grateful thanks to the staff on the Westway Precinct who were extremely helpful, but particularly to those very kind and generous people of Frome and district who gave all the goods that were sold in the shop, and who then came back and supported Rotary by spending money to purchase some very worthwhile commodities at reasonable prices that were on offer.

But above all many thanks go to the Rotarians and the ladies from Inner Wheel who said they thoroughly enjoyed the experience, had great fun and hopefully promoted the good work of Rotary.