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Frome charity CHASE Africa’s future vision

FROME-based charity, Chase Africa, has a vision of a poverty-free future where people live sustainably in a biodiverse environment.

Charity director, Henry Pomeroy from Frome, wants to raise awareness of the charity and the work they do across Africa.

The charity supports local partner organisations in Africa to provide access to healthcare and family planning services.

The name CHASE stands for Community Health And Sustainable Environment.

The charity not only provides the necessity of health care, but also undertakes sustainable environmental projects such as education about the environment in schools and also tree planting. To date the charity has planted trees at over 70 schools.

Henry Pomeroy, director of CHASE says, “Most schools have big open areas, sometimes up to 8 acres, and this means we can fence off 1 acre and plant around 500 trees. Within 3 years, the trees have canopy cover and within 12 years they are as high as a telegraph pole.”

“The children are taught how to plant and take care of the trees; they then take this skill home and teach their parents.”

“The demand is endless for tree planting and we hope to work with more and more schools with your help.”

The charity has goals they are hoping to achieve within the next five years, but without support, these will not be possible.

They are aiming to provide 30 one-month mobile clinics which will provide much-needed healthcare to  35,000 people.

They also hope to work with over 200 schools to educate the children about the environment and allow them to take part in tree planting, which promotes a sustainable environment.

As well as all this, they will be supporting 15 new settlements and working with 20 communities to integrate healthcare and family planning.

The charity says that any size donation will help;  “only £10 enables a woman to choose long-term family planning for five years. Regular donations are even better as the charity is able to plan and use the funds efficiently.”

To find out more information about CHASE or to make a donation please visit the website or call Henry on 01373 836012.