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Steampunk Extravaganza in Frome

A SECOND Steampunk event was held at the Cheese and Grain in Frome on the 30th May.

The event was again a great success over the three days it was held. The days were filled with bands, DJs, markets, workshops, tours, authors, art and games.

The days began with an intriguing market of curiosities with an array of different traders partaking such as Steampunk jewellery by Skewwers Steam Punk and also Atelier Fabry – Perot, who design and create laser-cut accessories and decorations.

A workshop was held at midday by Tom and Nimue Brown who are the couple behind the Hopeless Maine gothic webcomic. The comic combines the wonderful illustrations by Tom and the captivating stories written by Nimue.

There were also exhibitions held at the Silk Mill across the weekend such as The Imaginarium by Gary Nicholls Photography.

A definition of steampunk is ‘Retrofuturism’ meaning what the past might have been like, the opposite to science fiction which would the future.

Being a Steampunk involves a lot of unique fashion choices. The style is inspired by authors such as HG Wells and Jules Verne and combine a sense of Victorian styles with a science fiction feel.

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