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Plans by pub chain Wetherspoon’s divides opinion in Frome

VIEWSare mixed over the recent announcement that pub chain JD Wetherspoon is looking for premises in Frome. 

Some residents see it as a positive move for the town, whilst others take the opposite opinion.

Cheryl Worsley said, “I was pleased to read again that Wetherspoon’s are coming to Frome. We think it is a wonderful idea.

“I think it would bring people in to our town for lunch/dinner and our shops would benefit from this.”

Anthony Russ shares this opinion, saying, “We visit Weymouth quite a lot and use Wetherspoon’s all the time. We think it would be a great idea for the town centre to have a new pub/restaurant.”

However Ann Collins felt differently. She said, “Frome’s USP is that people are attracted by the independent shops, bars and cafes. My friends love coming to Somerset, in particular Frome. They can find many towns full of chains, they come to Frome because it’s different. Let’s try to keep it that way.”

Marta North agrees. She said, “I do not think that Wetherspoon’s opening in Frome will be a positive thing as it’s very commercial. I just cannot see it fitting the town’s character.”

Sandra Holt feels there is room for all, saying, “Whilst I appreciate the unique qualities Frome has to offer, I think a pub offering sensibly priced drinks and food that welcomes families would be beneficial to Frome.

“Frome already has large national chains, so I don’t think the addition of Wetherspoon’s would be detrimental in any way.

“There is room for both independent and national chains and it is good for people to have a choice.”