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Canoe slalom to come to the Market Yard in Frome

Frome Canoe Club will be hosting a one-day canoe slalom event on 20th July in the Market Yard in Frome, and members of the public are invited to come and watch. 

Canoe slalom is an Olympic sport and is a test of paddlers’ skill as they try to negotiate a set course through a series of poles while descending rapids and waves.

This event at Market Yard is part of the national series of races organised by the British Canoeing and it will attract competitors from across the South and South West. The event on 20th July is on the easy water of the River Frome in the town centre, and is designed to encourage beginners and intermediate paddlers. It plays an important part in introducing canoeists to the many benefits that canoe slalom has to offer.

The Market Yard Slalom is extremely popular with young canoeists who compete very successfully alongside adults but through the methods of awarding prizes, are always congratulated on whatever success they achieve. This slalom is organised and staffed by volunteers from Frome Canoe Club and spectators are welcomed during the event. Racing starts at about 12.00noon.

Frome Canoe Club is a very active club and attracts members from a large area. During the summer months, the club meets in the town on Wednesday evenings and everyone is welcome. In addition the club is open to the public on 27th July!  For more information please email