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Misty In Roots at the Cheese & Grain

MISTY In Roots will perform at the Cheese & Grain on Saturday 19th July.

Since the mid-70’s Misty In Roots have been wowing audiences worldwide with their powerful roots reggae sound and uncompromising lyrical vibrations.

They came together in 1975 as a backing band for Jamaican legend Nicky Thomas who achieved national chart success with ‘Living In The Land Of The Common People’.

They soon developed their own orthodox sound and their powerful lyrics inspired by the economic decline, a growing awareness of their African culture and a spiritual awakening which inspired tracks such as ‘Ghetto Of The City’, ‘Sodom And Gommorah’, ‘Mankind’ and ‘See Them Ah Come’ which all featured on their debut album ‘Live At The Counter Eurovision’.

Famed for their live performances, they became a major force in Rock Against Racism and played more concerts than any other band in the movement. This opened up a whole new world and they quickly developed a cross over audience, playing with such acts as Tom Robinson, Elvis Costello and The Ruts.

By 1982 Misty In Roots were a force to be reckoned with, but because of their determination to remain independent, they took a major step into Africa, spending nine months in Zambia and Zimbabwe, resulting in two inspired albums ‘Earth’ and ‘Musi-O-Tunya’.

In all, they have recorded nine albums including ‘The John Peel Sessions’ in 1995. Over the years, they recorded nine sessions for the legendary DJ, prompting the band to say, “Throughout the Misty In Roots story, John was our champion, to him and his family, we give Thanks, Praises and ONE BIG LOVE.”

They have literally stayed true to their roots in nearly 40 years together, not following trends such, and winning a huge army of dedicated followers along the way.

Misty In Roots will perform at the Cheese & Grain on Saturday 19th July. Tickets £16.50 advance,  £19 doors. Box office: office@cheeseand – tel: 01373 455420. Tickets also available from Raves from the Grave – tel: 01373 464666