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Healthy Mondays with Dorothy House Qigong comes to the Cheese and Grain

Every Monday at the Cheese and Grain in Frome, Dorothy House will be offering Qigong sessions. 

The hospice has teamed up with Rowland Jones, a Qigong/Tai Chi instructor, to offer free sessions for those with long term serious illness.

Qigong is often used as the gentle warm up for Tai Chi.  Basically, it is a series of slow moving breathing and stretching exercise.  These can be tempered for a wide range of abilities/disabilities. It is not important what your level of fitness is, your age or gender.  The main aim is to promote relaxation and a feeling of well being by slow coordinated movement and deep breathing.

Dorothy House outreach and community manager Wayne De Leeuw explains, “The discipline of Qigong is fantastic for those people who can take part in very gentle exercise.

“At Dorothy House we want to promote both physical and psychological wellbeing, and we believe that Qigong allows this to happen, and importantly is accessible to everyone, no matter what your ability.

“We hope that the regular sessions will encourage lots of people to come along and give something new a try.”

Sessions have commenced and will continue to take place at the Cheese & Grain every Monday from 1.30 – 2.15pm.

In order to enable the Qi (sometimes written Chi) to flow, people should wear loose clothing.  Contact with the ground is quite important, for balance as much as anything, so flat shoes or no shoes are recommended.

For further information please contact: Louise Clapton on 01225 722988  –