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Frome writer secures two publishing contracts on same day

Author David Lassman (left) with ‘Regency Detective’ co-author Terence James

Author David Lassman (left) with ‘Regency Detective’ co-author Terence James

Aspiring writers dream of getting a publishing contract, while published writers are always thinking about the next one.

A Frome-based author, however, has secured two publishing contracts on the same day.

David Lassman, who is co-author of the Regency Detective series of books, set in Bath in the early 1800s, was amazed but delighted when he received two publishing contracts both dated 14th August.

One of the contracts is for a non-fiction book, while the other is for a novel.

David said, “When the post arrived there were two big brown envelopes with the names of the publishing company stamped on the front. As a writer, you unfortunately do get used to getting manuscripts returned with polite but firm rejection letters enclosed, so it was really excited to find both had publishing contracts inside!”

The first one was for the next in David’s ‘The Regency Detective’ series, which is to be called ‘The Circle of Sappho’ and is now due to be published by The Mystery Press next year. The company is the fiction imprint of the History Press, which is based in Stroud and has seen previous books win coveted CWA daggers.

David said, “Although the series has sold well, it is always nerve-racking to know if a publisher will accept the next book you want to write. Whether they think the story is strong enough or that there will be enough interest in it. So I am really pleased they have accepted it and the adventures of Jack Swann, the main character, can carry on.”

The second contract is for a non-fiction book nearer home, called ‘Frome and the Great War’. This will be published by Pen & Sword, a publisher of Military, Local History, True Crime and Nostalgia Books based in Yorkshire.

David added, “They are publishing a whole series of books about towns and cities in the Great War and I saw an article in the Society of Authors’ official magazine that they were looking for writers. I wrote to them to see if they had anyone for the book about Frome, along with a chapter synopsis, and the next thing I knew, the contract arrived.”

Above: Author David Lassman (left) with ‘Regency Detective’ co-author Terence James