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European banger challenge for Frome couple


Frances and Ron Brownlow prepare for their journey

Frances and Ron Brownlow prepare for their journey

A FROME couple are set to take on a 3,000 mile European driving challenge to raise money for children’s cancer charity Time is Precious, in memory of Ben Halford. 

Frances Brownlow and Ron Brownlow are taking part in the Motoscape Rally, a  banger rally stretching thousands of miles through 12 countries in just seven days with the challenge ending in Prague.

The rally is made more difficult by the rules which restrict the vehicles whereby they must cost no more than £333 or be at least 22 years old. The cars and their drivers must also have a theme and a team name and the Brownlows have decided to call themselves ‘The Old Timers.’

The Old Timers are taking on the challenge in a Toyota MR2 which meets the criteria of being at least 22 years old.

To spice the challenge up, there is £3,000 in cash prizes available, with points awarded en-route for different challenges. Those with the most points win the money.

Frances said, “We got the inspiration from our son who did the shortened route last year and thought it would be a good adventure. We have never done anything like this, so it should be interesting but fun.

“We estimate that we will spend around £1,000 on fuel throughout the challenge but it will be worth it. As it gets closer I am a bit nervous with anticipation, but also excited. I am most looking forward to going through the Stelvio pass in Italy.

“We chose to raise money for Time is Precious in memory of Ben Halford as it is a charity close to my heart. Ben was a friend’s grandson. We would love to raise £1,000 for the wonderful charity and would appreciate any help we can get.”

The Motoscape Rally will go through 12 countries in seven days and involve driving for roughly six hours a day. It will pass through the UK, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia and end in the Czech Republic.

In total there are 78 teams of two to four people in each car and Frome is the most represented town in the challenge, with two other teams registered from the town. They are the Zumerset Stigs and The Men Who Stare at Sheep.

To donate to The Old Timers visit their Justgiving page or for more information on the Motoscape Rally visit