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First bus misses its stop in Frome

RESIDENTS are upset about First Group’s omission of a stop at Sainsbury’s supermarket from its new 267 bus route from Frome to Bath.

300 people attended a meeting in Rode earlier this year which announced the reinstatement of the suspended 267 service. At the meeting cllr Derek Tanswell said, “The 267 will not go to Sainsbury’s due to operating capacity and cost at the moment; however this service will be restored at the end of August.”

The service began again recently, but bus-users were disappointed to find that the new 267 timetable does not include the Sainsbury’s store, but instead stops at the Market Place and Critchill Road.

Tracey Harding, a campaigner for the route said, “I got to know a lot of Broadway residents on the 267 so I feel disappointed for them. I know that these residents – especially the elderly – are finding these cuts hard.

“I have had a few problems getting about since surgery last year, so have been more reliant on using the bus. I am having to cut back or just walk on some of my local trips.”

Tracey is part of the local group Frome and Villages Bus Users Group (FAV BUG), which was involved in the petition to reinstate the route.

She said, “Frome and Villages Bus Users Group aim to make it easier to access all information about local bus services, and to give the bus users a voice in getting the bus service that they want.

“If the 267 gets cut further it could hit people that travel to work on it, which will affect trade in the area.

“I feel that all areas along the 267 route need to work together in order to save this service, and will be happy to work with fellow campaigners and councillors to try to safeguard the 267.”

The Bus Users Group is concerned that if First decide to cut the route further, it will severely affect elderly residents at Critchill Court who rely on the service.

First Group was unavailable to comment when contacted by Frome Times.

All First bus routes can be found on their website at