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Frome bus campaigner calls for help saving “vital bus”

A BUS campaigner from Frome has urged more people to use the number 267 to ensure the service is not lost. 

Tracey Harding has campaigned for months to keep the 267 route as she believes the route is vital for senior citizens and continues to fight for the 267 to be rerouted to Sainsbury’s as it once was. She said, “Frome and Rode OAPs    need help to keep this vital bus running.

“A lot of bus users are ex-car driver who can no longer drive due to health issues and old age. Everybody gets old and for some, this problem is a real issue.

“I have done a bit of research on the price of car parking in Bath; Banes charge £9.90 for eight hours and £2.50 for five days based on the cheapest long stay fees. First charge  £25 for a weekly ticket which can be used for multiple journeys during that period, so could be used to get to work and an evening out. First also do a £7 ticket for daily travel which can also be used for multiple journeys during that period. So the bus can save you money and help save the route which means so much to some people.

“We need to see more people using this bus if  Rode stands a chance of keeping the 267 going and to ensure Frome stands a chance of getting it  reinstated back to Sainsbury’s. For Both Rode and Frome to keep the 267 in both areas we need more people to use it!”