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Frome Cobble Wobble organiser vows that event will return one day

FROME’S famous Cobble Wobble will return to the town at some point says the event organiser amid fears it may never return.

The event, which draws thousands of spectators and many participants from all over the world, did not take place last year. And although organiser Andrew Denham has not ruled out the possibility of it happening this year, he says it is “unlikely”.

He said, “I would love to have some definitive news that the Cobble Wobble will be staged at a certain date but I’m afraid I can’t. It will be held at some point in the future and it has not been forgotten about or gone forever.  The event takes a lot of planning and since I now have my own business it has been difficult to find any free time, let alone the amount needed to stage such a big event. However, in the future it will return, I just can’t say when, I can’t even rule out the possibility of it taking place this year, but the public will be made aware if there are any developments.”

In previous years the event has seen hundreds of cyclists from all over the world make their way up the cobbled street of Catherine Hill in a bid to be crowned the King of the Cobbles. The last winner of the unique event was four times World Mountain Bike Champion and Red Bull sponsored cyclist, Michal Prokop.