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Neighbourhood Plan shapes the future of Frome

The plan is the vision for Frome’s future and has been several years in the planning. 

It establishes general planning policies for the development and use of land and has a particular focus on:

• Encouraging small businesses to start and grow

• Enabling people to build their own homes, live more affordably in a more energy efficient way and play a more active part in the community.

• Making it easier for people to get around the town on foot and by bicycle.

• Regenerating the town centre so that it functions better as a place to live, work, meet, shop and visit.

• Making the most of the River Frome corridor as an environmental and recreational asset.

• Ensuring future development does not damage Frome’s unique character.

“The Frome Town Council regeneration team Peter Wheelhouse and Jane Llewellyn have worked tirelessly over the last two years to develop a strategy for Frome alongside the ideas and vision of the local community,” said press officer Faye Penfold.

“Following the public consultation, carried out between 28th October 2013 and 31st December 2013, the plan was amended in response to the comments that were received from the Statutory Consultees and residents of Frome.

“Frome Town Council are delighted they have submitted a positive and inclusive plan for the town.”

Regeneration officer Jane Llywellyn said, “We are delighted to have worked so closely with the people of Frome to deliver something so positive and inclusive, which will be of a great benefit to the wider community.

“The Neighbourhood Plan is a huge culmination of documents, supporting evidence and reports from numerous key groups in Frome.”

All of the supporting documents and reports from these key groups can be found on the town council’s website – www. frometowncouncil.

So what happens next? 

The local planning authority, Mendip District Council will publicise the neighbourhood plan for a minimum of six weeks, invite representations, notify any consultation body referred to in the consultation statement and send the draft neighbourhood plan to independent examination.

The independent examiner will test whether or not the draft neighbourhood plan for Frome meets the basic conditions and will determine whether a hearing will be required to listen to oral representations. The local planning authority will then consider the report and decide whether to send the plan to referendum that will decide on the plan, if positive, the Neighbourhood Plan will be brought into legal force by the local planning authority.

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