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Successful training day for new Somerset Sight volunteers

in September Somerset Sight, the local independent charity for sight impaired people in the county, held a training day in Frome for new volunteers for their volunteer visiting service.

Seven new volunteers attended the course which was run by the charity’s training officer Steven Aughton and supported by visually impaired man Liam Harkness.

The course covered a range of subjects including advice for people visiting a sight impaired person’s home and some of the emotional effects of sight loss. There is also a practical element where attendees had to wear a blind fold and try and complete a range of tasks like counting out some money to pouring some water into a cup.

The feedback from the day was brilliant and everyone who attended said it was very interesting.  Ann Davies a local resident who attended said, “I thought I knew it all as I have two blind people in my family.  I really thought I’d be bored but it was very interesting.”

These volunteers will go on to visit sight impaired people for regular companionship and support.

If you are sight impaired and feel that a volunteer from Somerset Sight could help you, please contact Gloria Williams on 01823 366146 or Gloria@somer  Similarly if you know someone who is struggling with their sight and would like to find out more please contact Gloria.

Somerset Sight doesn’t just offer sight impairment training to new volunteers.   The charity also visits schools, work places and community centres delivering tailored training and awareness sessions to the general public.  If you are interested in the training offered by Somerset Sight please contact