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Buckland Dinham firm wins family business award

BUCKLAND Dinham timber and furniture company AJ Charlton & Sons have been named as the Family Business of the Year at the Somerset Business Awards ceremony held at the Westlands Leisure Complex in Yeovil recently.

The event was organised by the Somerset Chamber of Commerce.

In order to win the award, AJ Charlton & Sons Limited had to demonstrate to the judges that the family had a significant influence on the business, such that one or more family members are involved in the management of the business. The winners also had to show that they ‘were financially successful and showed a clear vision for the long term future of the business, including planned succession’.

The company’s chairman and CEO Mr ‘AJ’ Charlton said, “We are delighted to have won this award. With three generations of the family currently working in the business, we certainly fulfilled the criteria of the family having an active involvement in the management of the company.

“We may well be a family business with roots going back over 100 years to the beginning of the last century, but to win the award we have also had to prove that we are very much a dynamic and successful national enterprise, with our sights set firmly in the future.

“I would also want to stress that on accepting the ‘Family Business’ award, I did so on behalf of everyone who works here and who are all very much part of the wider Charltons’ family.”

The Family Business Award was sponsored by Albert Goodman.