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Donate now and see your £10 doubled!

IF you donate £10 to Positive Action on Cancer or three other local charities in the near future, your tenner will be doubled under a special fundraising campaign. And if you gift aid the donation, a further £2.50 will also be added.

Under the ‘Grow Your Tenner’ scheme, if you make a £10 online donation to Positive Action on Cancer (PAC), Openstorytellers, Frome Selwood Tennis or Bath Swim Therapy your £10 will be matched and become £20 – or £22.50 with Gift Aid.

And if you agree to donate £10 per month for six months, your £60 will become £135.

£500,000 will be given away under the nationwide Grow Your Tenner scheme, run by but when it’s gone, it’s gone so the local groups are urging you to hurry as over half has already been claimed.

Hannah Culff, fundraising manager for PAC said, “We’re actually aiming to try and raise £3k to help fund 100 hours of counselling for children and young people. Funds are running out so we urge people to donate as quick as they can.

“The Grow Your Tenner Appeal provides a wonderful opportunity to double the value of your donation and make a real difference to the lives of people in Frome,”

“Whether this is a single gift or monthly donation, what better way to celebrate Christmas before it is too late to benefit from matched funding?”

To donate, simply visit the Frome area ‘Grow your own Tenner’ page