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Success story for Sustainable Frome

There have been many small (and not-so-small) triumphs in recent months for Sustainable Frome as they look to help local poeple live more sustainably.

Some of the highlights of recent months include:

• Incredible Edible Frome winning a £3,000 Partnership Grant from Frome Town Council, which will make Potato Day (8th Feb 2015) a free event and provide money to keep the veg beds filled

• Electric charging points are now in operation at the Cheese and Grain, so that electric vehicles can be re-charged largely from the building’s solar panels

• VHS recycling plants have been installed near the Cheese and Grain by local company Protomax, so that old video tapes can be turned into benches and planters for Frome

• A grant has been awarded to build a new stand at the football ground and energy co-op FRECo will be putting solar panels on top (look out for their share issue in early 2015).

For more information, contact info@sustainable