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The Little Victory Ball opens their Great War Museum

The Little Victory Ball opened the doors of their Great War Museum to the public for the first time at the Frome Independent market as part of the remembrance events on Sunday 2nd November.

The Remembrance Museum has been lovingly restored from an abandoned 1950s Bluebird caravan.

The emporium takes you back to the 1920s into a cosy space where you can view domestic artefacts of the time. It is an amazing collection of souvenirs and memorabilia, some of it made by soldiers and sent back to loved ones at home.

Artefacts range from trench art, sweetheart jewellery, clothing, photographs, and souvenirs and tell the extraordinary stories about the Cenotaph, street shrines, memorials and The Unknown Warrior.

To complement the museum, the Frome-based theatre group gave three performances of their Remembrance play to full and appreciative audiences.

Using researched fragments from diaries, letters, poems, and newspapers, the show tells the real story of the public’s response to Armistice Day and explores the origins of Remembrance, the Cenotaph and the Great Silence. Simply told and profoundly moving, illustrated with songs, spectacle and humour it was enjoyed by all ages.

Initially funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and The Western Front Association, The Little Victory Ball is now seeking bookings and further support to enable touring of venues and gatherings to bring educational displays and social history to communities who may not otherwise have access to museums and theatres.

More information and their promotional films can be found on the website: