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Frome becomes Green Beacon of the West

The mayor recieve's Frome's green award

The mayor recieve’s Frome’s green award

Sporting surely the world’s first solar powered mayoral chain, Peter Macfadyen, the Frome Mayor, accepted the award for the town of Frome as it was declared ‘The South West’s Most Proactive Public Body’ at the SW Green Energy Awards. 

Cllr Macfadyen explained, “This award is all about the community and council coming together to really up the game with significant job creation; energy production; transport and energy cost savings; and carbon reduction all kicking in at last.”

Anna Francis, Frome’s energy and recycling officer, one of the very few sustainability officers at town council level in the country added, “Frome is becoming a real hub for environmental activity. In the next six months we will be working with local organisations to launch a solar powered/electric hybrid car club and to install solar panels on a range of community buildings, including the Frome Medical Practice and the community football club through our partnership with Frome Renewable Energy Co-op (FRECo).

“FRECo’s initial solar installations will generate 200kw, saving 2,248 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime and generating £268,000 for the community fund. A further 500kw of solar installation is planned for 2015 with the aim of becoming zero carbon in electricity by 2020.

“Frome Town Council is also working with schools to empower the students and staff to cut costs and carbon. We have a team of energy volunteers who are helping fuel poor households to reduce their energy bills and have healthy, comfortable homes.”

Peter Wheelhouse, the town’s economic development and regeneration manager added, “We want to become a ‘One Planet’ community and are using our economic development activities to support a range of renewable energy and sustainable enterprises – from biogas to woodchip to innovative plastic recycling enterprises.

“We are committed to the establishment of a ‘thriving’ sustainability sector in Frome. Renewable energy already supports over 10,000 jobs in the South West and we want to be part of this thriving and important sector. This award is recognition of our work in this area.”