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Edventure:Frome is recruiting for a new spring apprenticeship

Edventure:Frome is launching another apprenticeship this March. 

Applications are now open to take part in this free training in social entrepreneurship, which includes a practical two-month intensive training followed by six months of start-up support for your own project, self-employment or business.

The intensive training involves a practical challenge: the team will have eight weeks to grow the sharing economy in Frome – both the sharing of ‘things’ and ‘skills’ – by setting up a ‘share and repair shop’ in a currently empty property in Frome, in partnership with Frome Town Council.

There are no exams and it doesn’t matter whether you didn’t finish school or have gone to university, are unemployed or busy with the wrong job. We are looking for a diverse crew of seven young adults who are up for a challenge, want to make ideas happen and are excited about working with people from different backgrounds.

Participants from previous apprenticeship intakes have gone off to set up their own businesses – such as architectural and design consultancy; photography; carpentry and furniture making, to name a few. One participant, Katie Lyttle, set up a Food Assembly in Chester, which brings together local food producers and consumers.

At the end of the training programme you will leave with a portfolio of projects and social enterprises that you started, managed or worked on; experience and skills for making your ideas happen and creating positive change; and a supportive network of people and businesses; and a lot more.

Applications are now open. Deadline is on Wednesday 11th February. More info at