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Kumon students as young as eight excel to GCSE level!

The Kumon Frome Study Centre gathered to recognise the achievements of students, ranging in age from three years to adult on Sunday 18th January. 

The afternoon included the presentation of over 60 awards to some of the 100 students who study maths and/or English at the Kumon Frome Study Centre.

The awards celebrate the exceptional achievements of the children who are now working above the level typical of their age and also children who have developed their study skills, such as concentration, independence and confidence.

Awards were presented by Carla and Florencia De Sarro, who completed the English programme at the end of last year.

The highlight of the celebration was the presentation of the Kumon G-In-Primary Award to students in years 4 to 6. This is an award presented to children who reach level G of the programme before the end of year 6, which is the start of algebra on the maths programme and summarisation of the English programme. It is equivalent to the start of GCSE calculation or reading comprehension.

Instructor, Susan Gatward said, “The G-in-Primary Award is something any young child can achieve, over several years, given a commitment to daily study.

“I am incredibly proud of all the children receiving awards, but the G-in-Primary award best encapsulates the aims of the Kumon programme, which are to foster confident, independent, advanced self-learners.

“Excelling beyond school level is not reserved for the gifted and talented. The majority of children receiving awards today came to Kumon because they had lost confidence in their maths or English. Our aim is to support each of them to reach international school level in around 12 months of daily study.’’

Throughout February the Kumon Frome Study Centre is offering families the opportunity to try Kumon study for two weeks, for free. To book your place please contact your local instructor: Susan Gatward, tel: 01373 451889.