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Victoria Park Health and Wellbeing Garden and Children’s Design Competition

Frome Community Garden’s Group, Apothecary Garden Frome and Incredible Edible Frome are working together to design and create a beautiful new ‘Health and Wellbeing Garden’ in Frome’s very own Victoria Park!

The organisers said, “Frome Town Council has been very supportive and provided a fantastic large space for us to transform. This space includes the underused pitch and putt green in the western area of the park, near the gate to Weymouth Road.

“The Health and Wellbeing Garden will include a medicinal growing space, an edible growing space, a space for education and keep fit classes. It will be accessible to all and provide a valuable and productive community resource.

Part of the design process and community consultation, which is drawing on permaculture principles, is an exciting design competition for children and young people. Schools, pre-schools, and individuals up to the age of 19 are invited to get involved in designing the garden. Age groups are: Pre-school, 5-8yrs, 9-13yrs, 13-19yrs.

“We hope to encourage the youngsters of Frome to think about the links between their environment and their health and wellbeing, and to inspire them to get involved in building their own community and creating their own environment.

“Frome’s community will then have the opportunity to help judge the entries at the Growing Frome: Potato Day and Seed Swap on Sunday 8th February at the Cheese and Grain, 10.00am-3.00pm FREE ENTRY.  www.frome,uk

“The chosen entries will have their designs incorporated into the final design!!… and all entries will receive award certificates!

“If you would like to get involved in the competition please contact Incredible Edible Frome as soon as possible to ask for a competition pack – incredi or tel: 07857437608. Or if you are interested in joining the group to help create and maintain the garden please contact apothecarygardenfrome@”