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Frome Friends of Palestine Twisty and Palestinian film Omar comes to Frome

A one-off chance to see Hany Abu-Assad’s Oscar-nominated film ‘Omar’ in Frome on Friday 20th February.

Described by one critic as ‘twisty and riveting’, the Independent says that it, “Has an intensity that many Cold War spy films lack. It is an embroiled story of spy craft and betrayal.”

The film is set in Palestine and the crew and the cast are predominantly Palestinian. the Independent adds, “Abu-Assad’s screenplay expertly interweaves personal and political elements. This is at once a coming-of-age drama, a romance and a thriller that combines multiple reversals and plot twists with chases and action sequences.”

The screening will take place on Friday 20th February at St Catharine’s Hall, Park Road, Frome (BA11 1EU). 7.30pm. £6/£4 concessions. All proceeds go towards bringing the Freedom Theatre of Jenin to Frome in May.