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One week left to save Whatcombe fields

Whatcombe Fields

Whatcombe Fields

The clock is ticking for the Save Whatcombe Fields campaign – their £330,000 target must be met by next Friday, but the possibility of a huge contribution has reignited hope.

The campaigners are in discussions with a local Education Trust that could contribute up to £200,000 to the cause. If the deal comes to fruition, the group’s total would stand at roughly £310,000; just £23,000 away from the total needed to purchase the land.

Residents and campaigners have until Friday 20th February to raise the final amount.

SOS Frome, who are behind the project, are imploring people to get involved before it’s too late.

Campaigner Anna Francis said, “This is a unique chance for the local community to have a say in how these beautiful fields are run. We will be focusing on creating new meadow lands and a space for nature and people to enjoy, now and forever.

I’d also like to thank every single person who has been involved so far, from small donations to larger investments, we couldn’t do this without you. With only two weeks left we really need a few more people to donate or buy community shares and then we can safeguard this precious green space for Frome.”

The campaign to save the land between Whatcombe Road and Jack’s Lane began in summer last year, when the greenfield site  was put up for auction and sign-posted as having ‘development potential’.

Pledges and donations have been trickling in since the campaign began in summer last year, until a leap at the beginning of this year, which saw £20,000 raised in the first few weeks, followed by a potentially mammoth amount contributed this month.

To reach the total £330,000 needed, the group must raise £23,000  more by Friday 20th February. The community share scheme allows contributors to invest anything from £250 upwards towards the cost of buying the land. Shareholders retain the ability to withdraw it in the future.

Shares and donations can be bought online or by cheque to SOS Frome c/o Frome Town Council, 5 Palmer St, BA11 1DS. No share money will be taken until the purchase is secured. To find out more or to invest, go to