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Local councillor to stand as Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate

Local councillor Adam Boyden has been approved to stand for the Liberal Democrats in the Kingswood constituency during the upcoming General Election.

Cllr Boyden has a background in environmental and development planning, has served the community for the past four years as a local councillor in Frome, and has a particular interest in environmental sustainability and community engagement.

Cllr Boyden said, “I am honoured to have been chosen as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Kingswood. I have worked hard all my life including as a councillor in Frome for the past four years, and I hope this will be good experience when it comes to standing for Parliament.

“I am determined to make Government more open and transparent, democratic, fairer, greener and more responsive to the community’s needs, rather than those of a privileged few. I want to help people get on in life and help those in need, and improve the services that bind the community together, our NHS, schools, and public transport.

“I will campaign for a more sustainable and healthy environment and to combat climate change, for human rights, against discrimination, and to reform our parliamentary democracy.

“Having been offered the chance to stand up for what I believe in at a national level, near where I live and work, I discussed this with family and friends in Frome. Overwhelmingly people have supported my decision to go for it.

“I also want to reassure residents that I will still be working as hard as ever as a local councillor for Frome College ward at Mendip District and Frome Town Councils and that they can contact me at any time.”