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Frome woman to make Calais trip to meet migrants

A woman from Frome is making a trip to Calais on Saturday 21st March to meet migrants who are trapped there.

Laila Jhaveri is planning to drive to Calais and meet with the migrants who live there, listen to their stories and distribute items that are needed.

Hundreds of people (including women and children) escaping poverty and war from Eitrea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Syria and Egypt are living in appalling conditions in the French port town.

Not wanted by the French or British authorities and facing daily police harassment they are desperate and live in the hope that one day they will make it to England.  The reality is that very few make it over and most end up living in the camp known as the Jungle for many years, or they die or get injured trying to make the crossing.

Laila said, “I am shocked at the conditions these vulnerable people are having to endure. There must be a more humane and creative way to respond to these peoples’ desire for safety and security.”

Laila would like to take provisions that will improve the migrants’ lives in Calais. These provisions include tents, sleeping bags, mats, tools, cameras, phones and games. Any donations would be much appreciated.

Please email Laila at if you are able to make a donation. If you are interested also in joining Laila on the trip please do get in contact also.