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Frome honours outstanding members of the community

Mayor Peter Macfadyen with award winners Emma Warren, Kevin Corcoran, Cara Honey and Kate Wright

Mayor Peter Macfadyen with award winners Emma Warren, Kevin Corcoran, Cara Honey and Kate Wright

FROME’S Civic Award ceremony took place at the annual Town Meeting last week, where awards  were presented to those who have made an outstanding contribution to the community.

This year’s awards went to Kevin Corcoran, Cara Honey, Kate Wright,  Emma Warren, and Gill Fone.

Introducing his awards the Mayor of Frome, cllr Peter Macfadyen said, “The aim of these awards is to recognise people who have gone ‘beyond’ over the last few years. This council has drawn attention to the work of people like June Barnes, John Fuller, and Gerald Franks who do an enormous amount and are well known in Frome, but  I have selected four people less out front who also play their part in making Frome what it is.

“I have four civic awards to make tonight and they go to:

Cara Honey for the exceptional time and energy you put into being Mayor for Young People and the extra inputs you added to that role.

“Cara has tirelessly put so much into her role as Mayor for Young People not just contributing to town and youth council meetings, but in extras during twinning events; orchestrating the college carnival entry; and visiting schools to talk about democracy.

“I found she is head girl at the college, has been Rotary Young Citizen of the Year and so on, but then I thought Meryl Streep has had two Oscars for best actress and they gave her another…”

Cara told Frome Times, “It feels amazing to have won a civic award! It has been amazing being invited by the Youth Council and the Town Council, but it’s lovely to be rewarded for it as well!”

Frome’s mayor continued, “Emma Warren for the endless extra energy you put into the Big Christmas, Fair Frome and so much else that goes on, with constant good humour.

“Emma’s one of those people who pops up helpfully all over the place within Frome’s charities and organisations, currently most notably as vice- chair of Fair Frome; the force of nature behind the Big Christmas Get Together, on the board of the museum, recently involved with the job club, Beavers group, Black Swan Arts – and she has young children.

“Part of these awards is aimed at embarrassing people who do what they do because they love it, not because they want to be noticed, and Emma meets that criteria perfectly.”

Speaking to Frome Times, Emma said, “Frome has been a fantastic home for my family for the last eight years and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a small part of its great community. I feel very honoured to receive this award.”

The mayor’s speech continued, “Kate Wright for the time and effort you put into getting Frome Area Leg Club off the ground and continued positive energy you put into supporting it.

“Kate’s story is a great one for how a community can work  She started off her working life as a YTS girl at Frome Medical Practice in 1989 as a receptionist.  She then progressed to become a health care assistant, popped off to university to get a nursing degree, and then came back to the health centre to do many things including becoming the power behind the Leg Club.

“Kate not only shows what can be done by a young person working in Frome, but has catalysed a novel approach to community care and one of the most effective community groups I have seen this year.

“Last but not least Kevin Corcoran for your steadfast support of community and sporting events and charitable activity in Frome over many years.

“It will probably be less easy to embarrass Kevin.    As well as playing a key role in the Frome Carnival, Kevin also sponsors Arron Butterfield’s horse riding; Frome bowls club; Orchardleigh golf events; the Millard brothers in their side-car cross team; Frome Town Youth and Berkley School’s tag rugby, and so on.

“Some of this gets his carpet company a bit of profile, but lots – such as his current role as chair of Frome Amateur Boxing Club – doesn’t. His contribution is above and beyond.

“Kevin represents a solid heart of Frome on which much of the newer community activity builds. We sometimes neglect to notice this day-to-day support upon which so much depends.   He provides an example to others for how a community can work together; thank you, Kevin.”

An additional award was presented at the beginning of the ceremony to Gill Fone for her recent resilience.

Mayor Peter Macfadyen said, “Gill Fone is not only chairman of Frome Talking Newspapers, but also one of three fine women who have come to nearly every council meeting not only this year but for many previous years.

“Gill lives near to a patch of land that fell into total disrepair while endless negotiations took place on who should manage it.  The land is on the site of the old Camel Shed of JW Singer and Sons and there is a column with a camel on top there.

“I have had this solid gold statue made, with a camel on top, to present to Gill in recognition of her persistence in the face of bureaucracy.”