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Frome men DO like to talk

It is a common conception that men aren’t very good at talking about themselves or about how they are feeling. 

Otto Bathurst, on behalf of the Sound Foundation said, “Traditionally we are more comfortable in the realms of football, cars, work, politics…the list is long, but rarely includes us. Well, I can absolutely say that this is definitely not always the case. In fact, when in a safe, non-competitive, non-judgemental space, men love to talk.

“How do I know this? Because we have just had the second of two men-only celebration dinners, in which men of all ages, creeds and backgrounds gathered together to chat about some of the issues that affect men nowadays.

“The first was in December last year and the second was last week. Both events are entirely funded by, and held in the premises of, the Sound Foundation – a local charity based in Tytherington that is dedicated to sound care in the community.

“Across the two events, over 100 men, gathered together to connect and communicate with each other.  With speakers presenting on prostate cancer, competition in the work place, exercise, family, relationships, health and work/life balances, the men were all inspired to openly share many of their own experiences, proving that men do actually have lots and lots to say and that many men are feeling, and struggling with, the tensions of the lives that they are living.

“In the UK alone, every single day, over 120 men try to take their lives. This is a very alarming figure, especially when you consider that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that behind that figure are thousands and thousands of other men who, whilst they may not be at the extreme of suicide, are unhappy in the lives they are living and are feeling lost and desperate.

“This is why the Sound Foundation felt that these dinners would be a powerful way of supporting the men to come together, share their experiences and begin to realise that they are not alone, and also that there is the possibility of another way.

“And judging by the very lively discussions on both evenings, this is clearly something that men both want and need with many men speaking very honestly and candidly.

“The free events consisted of a stunning meal cooked by Frome resident, 17-year-old, Oliver Snelgrove who is an ex-chef of The Archangel, and such was the success of the two events that the Sound Foundation is planning a third event in the autumn of this year.” If you would like more information, please email