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Frome family take to the roof for wheelchair fundraiser

Left to right, Kelly Pleasants, June Barnes, Nigel Pleasants and Alex Morgan.

Left to right, Kelly Pleasants, June Barnes, Nigel Pleasants and Alex Morgan.

ALOCALman will be enlisting the help of his family to scale the Millenium Dome this week, to raise money for a new  electric wheelchair and for medical research into his poorly understood illness.

Nigel Pleasants, who suffers from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, is confined to a wheelchair but plans to cross the roof of the O2 Arena in Greenwich with the help of his mum, grandmother aunt, sisters and their partners.

Nigel said, “I’m very nervous about the climb; I have anxiety and am not a fan of heights, but I am looking forward to it! Ever since my mum told me it was possible to do it in a wheelchair, I couldn’t stop thinking how much I wanted to do it.

“I’ve never done anything like this before but I made a New Year’s resolution that I would do more to raise awareness about the condition. I’ve been very lucky to have so much support from my family and friends, and for people who don’t have that, the suffering must be so much worse and make them very lonely.

“To show that actually I can do it and there is a life after being diagnosed is in some ways worth more than the money and the wheelchair.

“The wheelchair would have a huge impact on my quality of life. It folds down very small and is light so it would fit in people’s cars, so when I have a bad day and can’t drive myself, it wouldn’t leave me stuck in the house. It would also allow me more independence because I wouldn’t rely on being pushed around.

Nigel’s 81 year-old grandmother June Barnes, chair of Frome Carnival, will be joining him on the rooftop.

June said, “I don’t like heights at all but I imagine the view will be spectacular from the top! I hope the fundraising is a success as I think the new chair would make such a difference to Nigel’s quality of life, and more research into the condition could help him and many others who are in pain every day.

“Nigel deserves relief; he manages to remain so cheerful despite the condition having such a devastating effect on his life as a young man.”

Nigel has suffered from the poorly understood condition ever since sustaining a whiplash in a car injury a number of years ago. It leaves him in constant pain and unable to move properly.

He is hoping to raise £2,300 to buy a new electric wheelchair, and any extra money will be donated to researching the condition. Following a generous donation from someone in America whose son also suffers the condition, Nigel’s fundraising total so far stands at £600.

You can help Nigel’s cause by visiting