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Sake talk & tasting night at The Griffin

THE Griffin is inviting everyone to come and learn a little more about an exciting new alternative to wine – sake, the national drink of Japan. 

Taking place on Thursday  June 4th at 8pm, the evening will start with a talk by an expert on sake, followed by everyone’s favourite, a tasting session.

Ben Southam, the manager of The Griffin and organiser of the event said, “People will be able to experience a range of sakes traditionally hand crafted by the Akashi Brewing Company of Japan.”

A spokesperson at Akashi Sake Brewery said, “We pride ourselves on maintaining a traditional handcrafted approach to creating the finest Japanese sake.

Ben added, “We want to give people the opportunity to experience something different. I’m pretty sure this is a first for Frome.

“So if you want to learn the difference between a ‘Junmai-shu’ and a ‘Daiginjo’ why not pop in!”

For more information visit www.akashi-tai. com/eng/ or www