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Balsam Bashing for everyone

THE organisers invite you to come along to the Festival Balsam Bash launch on Thursday 9th July, starting at the Cheese and Grain at 10.30am. 

Wear gloves, long trousers and long sleeves. Find out all about it and walk along the river to find it, and see for yourself how to tackle it.

Two years ago the river bank between the railway and Adderwell was thick with the beautiful pink flowers of Himalayan Balsam. Unfortunately, left unchecked, it would have shaded out British plants. In the Autumn it would die leaving the banks bare and liable to erosion.

Friends of the River Frome with help from Frome College and other volunteers pulled up great heaps of it. Last year it was far less rampant and this year, with enough help from townspeople, working together it is hoped it  may be reduced to the occasional plant.

Unfortunately even a single plant shoots out hundreds of seeds which get carried down the river into Frome town and beyond. They grow the following year. Small infestations all the way along the river to Low Water need tackling.

Anyone who enjoys walking along the river, and is sensible enough not to take risks, is invited to help. It is not hard, but very satisfying, to pull the plants up by the roots. They can be left to biodegrade.

The best time to bash is from mid-July to the end of August when the flowers tower in the air. If you can spare any time from an hour to six weeks please contact Dorothy-Anne Bryant,, or leave a message with your contact details on 01373 300583.